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Applications Sought For AARP Community Challenge Grant

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Applications Sought For AARP Community Challenge Grant

Posted: Mar 08 2022

Deadline to Apply is March 22

AARP North Dakota invites local organizations and governments across the state to apply for the 2022 AARP Community Challenge grant program now through March 22, 2022. Grants fund quick-action projects that help communities become more livable in the long term by improving public spaces, transportation, housing, civic engagement, coronavirus recovery, diversity and inclusion, and more.

AARP will prioritize proposals that are inclusive, address disparities, directly engage volunteers, support residents age 50 and older and aim to achieve one or more of the following outcomes:

• Support communities’ efforts to build engagement and leverage funding available under new federal programs through laws like the American Rescue Plan Act, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and more.

• Create vibrant public places that improve open spaces, parks and access to other amenities.

• Deliver a range of transportation and mobility options that increase connectivity, walkability, bikeability, wayfinding, access to transportation options and roadway improvements.

• Support a range of housing options that increases the availability of accessible and affordable choices.

• Ensure a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion while improving the built and social environment of a community.

• Increase civic engagement with innovative and tangible projects that bring residents and local leaders together to address challenges and facilitate a greater sense of inclusion.

• Other community improvements including health services, community development and coronavirus pandemic recovery.

Since 2017, AARP has awarded 15 in North Dakota through the Community Challenge. Previous projects  have enabled long-term progress by garnering additional support from public and private funders, encouraging similar improvements throughout the community, advancing local policy, and generating  engagement among residents and local leaders to advocate for change.

The Community Challenge is open to 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4) and 501(c)(6) nonprofits and government entities. Other types of organizations are considered on a case by-case basis. Grants can range from several hundred dollars for small, short-term activities to tens of thousands for larger projects.

The application deadline is 4 p.m. March 22. All projects must be completed by Nov. 30, 2022. To submit an application and view past grantees, visit www.AARP. org/CommunityChallenge.

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