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2020 Census Figures

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2020 Census Figures

Posted: Aug 16 2021
2020 Census Figures
The U.S. Census Bureau released some of its findings late last week from the 2020 Census, where we learned that Minot grew by 18.3% over the past 10 years from a population of 40,880 to 48,377. Although we didn't reach our ultimate goal of 50,000 residents, we are now in a position to reach that figure within the next few years.

Since the beginning of 2020, the Community & Economic Development office has issued building permits for 247 new residential units (143 single family and 104 multi-family) that are either under construction right now or have been occupied since the completion of the census. Assuming an average of 2.30 people per housing unit, the current housing projects will push our population right up to the brink of 49,000. Permits for an additional 450 housing units will need to be issued  to reach our goal of 50,000 residents. "At our current pace of construction, I believe we can achieve this goal in three years or possibly sooner if we can attract a few more multi-family projects," said Brian Billingsley, City of Minot Community & Economic Development Director. "This was probably the most unique and challenging census in our country’s history. Our country has never held a census during a major war (Civil, WWI, WWII), but it held one through a global pandemic. The timing of the pandemic threw a curveball at us. Although I am disappointed that we did not reach our goal, I am optimistic that we can reach it in just a few years."

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